July 27, 2019

12 Decadent Cannabis Chocolates Worth Your Money

Cars are not the only components which is subject to change. Through time technology and innovation has changed a lot of things around us and we haven’t even noticed them yet. One such factor is the various food items which we consume. Chocolates have evolved in this regard as the type of ingredients mixed in them differs through time. One such change happened when chocolates were mixed with cannabis. Hence let’s look at a few.

1. Serra Woodblock Chocolates

This chocolate from Portland contains three main ingredients; they are cocoa butter, cane sugar and cannabis oil. So we can assure you that each bar of this chocolate is worth your money.

2. BlueKudu

Flavour and art go hand in hand for this particular product. Unlike most of the other chocolates in the industry, this brand comes with various flavours and options which might seem hard to resist.

3. To Whom It May

This is a brand which does know how to market their products. Their style of packaging and vibrant taste are factors which make the brand a top choice among chocolate lovers.

4. Altai

10 to 25mg of THC and dark chocolate are what drives the brand towards a heavy counter of sales. Consumers also have the added liberty of choosing Sativa or Indica depending upon their interests.

5. Kaneh Co.

Their classics brownies give a whole new definition for edibles. Filled with chocolate and a minimum of 500 to 1000mg of THC, this is a classic choice throughout the entire market.

6. Marigold Sweets Co.

They started a new trend when they began providing the option of going vegan with their products. Their coconut caramels are what sets the brand on fire.

7. 1906

Their classic packaging, fueled by innovative marketing techniques gives the brand a unique image in the entire market. They advertise products based on effects, and it has clicked well with the target audience.

8. Proper Chocolates

Add a little mint to your life by opting for the Peppermint Patties by Proper Chocolates. In this regard, we can assure you that this will be a unique experience.

9. Satori Chocolates

Once your done eating a Satori Chocolate, you will not dispose of the box, as it looks classic just like how the chocolate tastes like. Special bars and 140mg of THC drive this brand through the market.

10. Kiva Confections

Mint Irish Cream and Vanilla Chai are some of their top products which are mouth-watering. Their bars contain cocoa beans and a minimum of 180mg of THC.

11. Defonce

Defonce is a well-known brand in the entire industry. Rich in THC and coffee, their bars are made in heaven.

12. Coda Signature

Different flavours and unique bars sets them apart in this delicious industry. With melting effects in your mouth, they are irresistible.

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