July 29, 2020

Cannabis Brand Caliva Now Accepts Contactless Payments

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Just like other businesses, cannabis companies are making effort to limit contact during the Coronavirus pandemic. Caliva – a well-known cannabis brand – has partnered with Hypur to launch its own delivery system. Previously, the company was associated with delivery service called Eaze.

To the solve the cannabis payments legality problem, Caliva has partnered with a renowned CBD payment processor called Hypur. Thanks to this new partnership, the $75 million-funded cannabis empire will now be able to accept contactless payments. This means as a Caliva customer, you no longer have to worry about trips to ATM during the Coronavirus pandemic. The brand’s wholesale and retail operations combined with verticalizing in-house delivery system, Caliva hopes to grow its margins and survive during these unprecedented times.

According to the CEO of Caliva, providing safe and easy access to plant-based solutions for happiness, healing, and health has always been the mission of Caliva. Together with Hypur, the brand is proud to offer its customers convenient, compliant, and safe contactless payments options to modernize and improve their overall buying experience.

Why Hypur?

Even though cannabis is being legalized in more and more states, cannabis brands and merchants still have to face many challenges. One key challenge is that traditional payment processors generally refuse to work with CBD companies as they are considered ‘high risk’.

Because of this, cannabis companies cannot choose to accept debit or credit cards. While there are certain payment processors that accept cannabis companies, they only offer ACH transfers. CanPay is an example of this. Square is a reliable CBD payment processor but it only works with CBD sellers. So, Caliva spent time evaluating and researching all platforms that accept cannabis payments in the

United States and found that Hypur offers the best consumer experience, compliance, and security. So, the brand chose Hypur in order to implement cashless payment system called “safe checkout”.

How Safe Checkout Works?

The “Safe Checkout” is a contactless payment option offered by Hypur. To allow cannabis consumers to make cashless purchases for both curbside pickup and direct delivery. With this method, payments are processed via Hypur mobile application and the orders are placed through the Caliva website. Once you place an order on Caliva website, you get an SMS from Hypur containing a secure link.

cbd payment processor

The link leads to a webpage that requires you to input your PAC number in order to authorize the transaction. Once the PAC number is accepted. The Caliva store employee or delivery driver receives the confirmation that the transaction is complete. The reason it is called “safe checkout” is that the whole transaction is performed with the employee or delivery driver. And the consumer well over six feet apart.

While Caliva will continue to sell its products to dispensaries across California. The “safe checkout” service will be limited to San Francisco for the time being. So, if you are in San Francisco, you can take advantage of contactless payment system when buying your favorite Caliva product.

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