August 21, 2019

NJ medical marijuana: What do you need to know

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The New Jersey medical marijuana program has already encumbered a few set of laws. That allow people to have access to marijuana. Under conditions like migraines, anxiety, chronic pain, asthma, ALS, inflammatory bowel disease. Termial illness that has not gone beyond 12 months. Opioid use disorder and Tourette’s syndrome. The Honig law that Phil Murphy is trying to so hard to get passed through the legal community. Will reduce the number of times that a patient needs to visit a doctor in a year. And the amount of medicinal marijuana he can hoard from a NJ marijuana dispensary at a time. The program is still awaiting the results of the Honig law. But here is an insight about the conditions costs and cannabis card that can be used for the NJ maedical marijuana program.

Finding doctors

Because the program hasn’t been entirely legalized by the state, even though there have been several meetings and announcements where doctors have been asked to attend hospitals and treat patients with CBD edibles but in the fear of being seized under the Federal law of the country, the medical practitioners have backed out and only 1% of the total doctors have signed up for the program. The new amendments will enable the Health Department of New Jersey to function with the doctors with requiring official registration and this step can prove to be a hope towards more number of medicinal marijuana practitioners.

Where to find a dispensary

At present there are only six NJ marijuana dispensaries, but the Honig law aims at improving the number by adding a couple of more dispensaries. Had the dispensaries not faced opposition at the court, they would have opened in Elizabeth, Atlantic city, Ewing, Vineland, Phillipsburg and Paterson.

Change in costs

According to the present clauses of the bill withheld at the court of law. It strives at eliminating the state tax from the CBD and CBD edibles and would be applicable from 2024. Thus cutting the cost of marijuana. However, the bill facilitates the municipality to levy 2% charges on the marijuana when purchased from the NJ marijuana dispensaries. And have the potential of employing “transfer tax” which means that the municipalities under which the six pre-existing NJ marijuana dispensaries fall can let through implementation of the immediately.

Currently, the cost of $320 ounces of marijuana in the city is around $341. But soon with the taxes introduced by the state. The prices of the CBD and CBD edibles are expected to reach $348. This point is enough to prove the fact that a patient can have access to medicinal marijuana as much as he requires. But to keep it off limits from the young stoners, the prices will be somewhat hiked.

Licenses to the program

The NJ marijuana program is aiming at granting license to the NJ medical marijuana dispensaries. For their as authorized dealers of CBD and CBD edibles. And with the plan of bringing up more dispensaries will eventually cut the medical marijuana cost. That will help patients to avail it more effectively.

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