February 13, 2020

Products to Hide Your CBD

CBD edible byproducts like caramels, oils, bath bombs, dog treats etc. are extractions from the cannabis plant that are used to alleviate conditions like anxiety or chronic pain. CBD is short for cannabidiol, and is essentially a cannabis compound that doesn’t get you high like the recreational one. It isn’t as famous as the mainstream cannabis but it surely is making its way to the market. Because of the cannabis element with CBD, users still have to mostly keep them away from plain sight. Here are some great products to hide your CBD from questioning eyes.

poison ring

Moving Picture Frame

You can read over a few online instructions, get a nail and hammer and build yourselves a picture frame with a sliding door. Nobody will ever be suspicious about your picture frame having a secret compartment because no one will expect you to be so spy-like. You can even order them online from an e-store.

Stash Book
Sometimes the best stash spots are in plain sight, having a hollowed out book on a shelf will not look out of place and allow for quick access to your chronic when you need it. There are businesses who sell these stash books, but they are easily crafted if you have the right tools, check out the instructions here.

Old Computer and electronics

You probably have an old computer that no longer works lying somewhere at your place. You can put it to use by putting the weed and edible CDBs inside some packets. And then sticking them inside the computer somewhere with tapes. Computers ring a sense of privacy and personal belonging to people who might visit you and will never even try to touch them. Their parts are expensive too and your roommates or parents are highly unlikely to touch them. And open them up without your prior permission even if they know it’s broken. You can do it by unscrewing the back-plate and fix the packet inside and put some of the screws back on. Make sure that the computer is never under use because that may create chances of fire erupting from in there.

poison ring

Stash Screw
Shaped like real screws and bolts, these smuggle products are the real deal for hiding your buds in style. The shafts of the screws are completely hollow from the inside. And have lots of space to fit some weed inside. Who would even want to play or touch a screw and a bolt lying around, right?

Stash Wall Clocks

There are wall clocks available in online shops that look and work just like normal wall clocks. But have hidden compartments inside that can store almost anything you want to. From a packet of the good green stuff to money, pipes, bongs – you name it.

Jewelry and other wearables
Jewelry like fake jewel lockets and poison rings are available online. Which have hidden spaces beneath the place where there’s a jewel typically. You can fill that up with a little weed that you might want to roll in. For a good time at the office or on your way back. Many clothing options are also there like belts and underwear with secret pockets.

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